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KJ200F-P01B Air Purifier

CADR 200m³/h | non-toxic, no odor, small volume

KJ200F-P02B Air Purifier

CADR 200m³/h | Big Screen

KJ350F-P01 Air Purifier

CADR 350m³/h | Filtration efficiency 99.97%

KJ400F-P03M Air Purifier

CADR 400m³/h | 3-layer Filtration, 8-layer Purification

KJ-400F-P01D Air Purifier

CADR 400m³/h | 3-layer Sterilization, 5-layer Filtration, 7-layer Purification


CADR 700m³/h | Filter smoke and peculiar smell
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