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About Sunmoonstar

Lushi Industrial District

    HENAN SUN-MOON-STAR SCI&TECH CO ., LTD. Registered address of Lushi industrial concentration area north riverside road east, is a collection of fresh air system, the purifier, air disinfection machine, air purification project, engineering filter, filter material, passive construction, air purifier, respirators and other products research and development, production, sales as one of the high-tech enterprises.

    The company actively responds to the call of poverty alleviation, practicing targeted poverty alleviation by science and technology and industry.In 2016, HENAN SUN-MOON-STAR SCI&TECH CO ., LTD moved to the industrial cluster area of Lushi county, Sanmenxia city, Henan province, which is known as a deep breathing city with a gathering of people and an elegant environment.At present, the company has two production bases, with a total area of 140 mu, of which lu's professional filter production and development base covers an area of 32 mu, and Yuanyang air purifier and fresh air system production base covers an area of 108 mu.Annual output 1.5 million sets of filters, 300,000 sets of fresh air equipment, 1 million sets of air purifiers, and more than 50 honorary qualifications.

     HENAN SUN-MOON-STAR SCI&TECH CO ., LTD Lushi company, has a professional filter screen filter material dust-free production workshop, complete set of standard workshop, automatic industrial production line, can produce 1.5 million sets of a variety of filter screen filter material.There is also a research and development center of nanomaterials and processing and forming engineering technology, with advanced CADR value, CCM value, noise, wind tunnel test room and efficient nanomaterials preparation laboratory.

    At the end of February, 2020, saint Max technology lu co., LTD. Rebuilt mask production line project, with a total investment of 36 million yuan, covering an area of 1306 square meters, with advanced 100,000 level aseptic production workshop in China, and a top professional mask testing laboratory in China.Among them, test ,etc

    Following the fresh air system, air purifier, air sterilizer, filter filter material production, masks and other air treatment and sterilization products, the melting spraying cloth of Henan Sun-Moon-Star Sci&Tech Co., Ltd Lushi company was officially put into production on May 8, 2020.As is known to all, melt-spraying cloth is commonly known as "mask heart", which has good filtering, blocking, heat preservation and adsorption properties, and is the most important virus filtering layer in medical masks.




Yuanyang Industrial District

In the Yuanyang Industrial Cluster of Xinxiang City, we have  6 international advanced production lines and a 72,000 square meters automated dust-free production workshop which can produce 1,000,000 sets of Air Purifiers and 300,000 sets of Fresh Air Ventilator Systems



Beijing Operations Center

In Beijing, we have a branch company responsible for brand operations and international trade


"We have the certifications of CE, CCC, ISO9001, ROHS and IATF16949, more than 20 national patents.

We are cooperating with Central China Real Estate Limited, Henan second experimental secondary school and Yutong Bus Company.

So we have enough strength to meet the customized demands of different customers. "


2 branch factories

more than 90000 m²


Annual output of 1.5 million sets of high efficiency filters

300,000 units of fresh air equipment

100 thousand pieces/day

Type KN95 150,000 / day


Has more than 100 certificates of honor




2013 GROW UP

Got the certification of RoHS and CE.


The manufacturing method of nano molecular sieve, purification catalytic material and inclined square crystal microemulsion material has obtained the method invention patent. In addition, 7 other utility model patents for air purifier technology have obtained in 2014, which constructed the company's complete original intellectual property rights of air purifier.


Capital Increased 50,000,000 RMB

2016 SOAR

Rapid Development

2017 WIN-WIN

Cooperation with Central China Real Estate Limited


In September 2018, Sunmoonstar won the title of national high-tech enterprise; on the second anniversary of the implementation of the Charity Law in Henan Province in 2018, Sunmoonstar donated 5 million yuan to Henan Charity Federation; on July 15, 2018, the intelligent filter production base was officially opened in Lushi, Sanmenxia, and a grand poverty alleviation party was held. The shared purifier service project promoted by Sunmoonstar will open a new era of purification, and strive to deploy the whole country and the whole world.

2019 WIN-WIN

Participated in the 13th China (Henan) International Investment & Trade Fair on April 8, 2019;Participated in the 125th Canton Fair on April 15, 2019.

2020 Expansion

In February 2020, the company obtained the manufacturing license for medical devices.The company donated 1,000 disinfection machines to Wuhan Huoshenshan hospital, makeshift hospital, Henan Qibo mountain hospital and provincial headquarters for epidemic prevention and control.In March 2020, the company launched the production project of protective masks and melt-spraying cloth.The company has obtained the hygiene license for the production of disinfection products, and the production line of 100,000 class protective masks will be put into operation at the end of this month. In April 2020, the melt-spraying cloth production line project is put into operation.

Corporate Culture


Become the lead brand of Air Purifier


Shoulder the nationalistic responsibility, Create the global brand


Service-oriented, Affinity symbiosis


Integrity, High-efficiency, Professional, Innovation


Realize employees' dreams, Meet customers' requirements


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